Your Dog Rescue
We rescue, foster and adopt out unwanted, mistreated, neglected or abandoned dogs.

How to surrender

When a pet owner is considering surrendering their family pet, it can be a very stressful, painful, time consuming and scary process. It's not easy to find the perfect home to adopt a dog. Your Dog Rescue can help.


Before we can assist we need to know why you are considering giving up your pet? What is the problem? Time issues, relocation, allergies, behavioural issues. In some situations we may be able to offer assistance to help you avoid giving up your family pet.


We believe that dogs should be treated with as much respect as you would treat another living creature. We work hard to help you through the process of finding a home for your pet. Please do not release your dog into the country or drop it off at a local shelter. In most cases dogs released to the wild are killed by passing traffic or starve to death. Unfortunately, many shelters offer only short-term placement and often have mandatory euthanizing programs that result in the dog being killed.


Your Dog Rescue offers you compassionate alternative that allows your surrendered dog to remain in a loving home environment where they will be treated as one of the family for as long as it takes to find that perfect new home. Our rescue will place your pet with a foster family and we will conduct a full assessment. We will provide training, medical treatment and behaviour modification if required to ensure it will be a true companion in its new home. While in our care, we provide your dog the same love and attention that you would be giving to your dog. With our screening process you are assured the most suitable family will adopt your dog. We ensure that potential adopting family fully understands the lifetime commitment they are making to the pet prior to their adopting. All potential adopters are required to complete an adoption application, and must be approved prior to being invited to meet with a specific pet. Once accepted, the adopter must then sign a contract that guarantees the pet will be treated humanely and as a member of the family for the rest of its life. We conduct follow-up visits with the adopting family to ensure that the commitments they have made are being upheld. If at any time the adopting family are not able to continue to care for the pet it will be returned to Your Dog Rescue.