Your Dog Rescue
We rescue, foster and adopt out unwanted, mistreated, neglected or abandoned dogs.

How to adopt

Your Dog Rescue believes there is the right dog for every family that is why we take the time to make the perfect dog with the new dog owner. Adding a new member to your family is a big commitment and our team will walk you through the process and will offer support, knowledge and expertise. The process begins with an interview with one of our adoption coordinators as well as the submission of an adoption application, including references and veterinarian information about current or past pets. Once approved, the focus will be on a dog who would be a suitable match followed by an in-home interview to be sure that you have a safe, happy environment as well as to address any concerns the adopter might have. Adoption fees apply to all our dogs and these fees contribute to enabling us to help other dogs. The adoption fee for an adult dog is $400.00. A different amount applies for seniors or puppies. The fee includes vetting costs that far exceed that of our set fee.  We also follow up with our adoptive families to make sure that their new friend is settling into their family.

*We reserve the right to refuse any application.

 To adopt a new family member call: 416 801-7982 



Your Dog Rescue is a new addition to the world of humans attempting to right wrongs.  If we look back through history we see shameless exploitation of the animals have shared our world.  They have recently evolved from being chattels to being sentient beings with rights of their own.  The Human-Animal bond has been recognized for the vital role it plays in the health and enrichment of the humans who share their lives with animals.


Overpopulations and a disregard for the sanctity of life have lead to the need for protections organizations that try very hard to care for the animals that are unwanted, abandoned and abused.  They do a great job witching their mandates, but cannot accommodate all of the animals that need help.  Organizations such as Your Dog Rescue

Help to fill in the gap.


Responsible pet ownership and animal stewardship are the cornerstones for a world where humans and animals thrive and coexist without exploitation and pain.


Some things you can do to be part of a better world:


Think carefully before you take on the responsibility of animal friends. They are totally dependent on your for their care.  Be sure that you can provide that care for the life of your pet.


Try to adopt a pet from a recognized shelter or rescue organization.  These animals are already in trouble.


Donít purchase a pet from a pet store unless you have verified where they are coming from.  Puppy mills exploit breeding animals for profit and do not place any value on their quality of life.  Please donít support this supply system.


If you wish to purchase a purebred puppy or kitten, research and purchase from reputable breeders.  They have their breedís best interests at heart and are an important part of breed improvement and health.


Make sure that you have your pet neutered.  This is a big step towards preventing overpopulation.


Be a responsible pet owner.  Donít allow your pet to wander and create problems for your neighbours.  Pick up after your dog.  Your behaviour towards, and management of your pet should be an inspiration for others.


If you have time to volunteer, get involved with your local shelter or rescue organization.  The animals in care need kind human contact in order to be socialized and prepared for adoption.


If you donít have time to volunteer, get involved with fundraising.  Good care and the overwhelming numbers of animals in need strain financial resources.  Every contribution helps, no matter how big or small.


Always show respect for the animals that share our worldÖthey have much to teach us.
Written by
Dr. M. Mason DVM
Nov. 2010