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Naya came from Montreal to be with her new owner. Let us help you find the perfect dog. We may not have your perfect dog but another rescue will. We work with many organizations and together we will find your perfect dog. Give us a call to see how we can assist you with your search.
I had heard from a friend about a lady who does dog rescue...Bonnie Hall. Once I decided I was ready to adopt another dog I made the contact. I was looking for a specific dog...young female Bouvier....none available. Bonnie started looking at other rescue sites and found our beautiful sweet Naya. Not a Bouvier but pretty close...a Giant Schnauzer from Quebec. Bonnie did all the work to make this adoption happen....home check, paper work and even the pickup. I went with her and we met the foster halfway, Kingston. Bonnie is a relaxed thorough and professional at this work. She is all heart in matching the right people with the right dog. It has to be a physically and happy emotional fit for both dog and person.
In a heart beat I will direct anyone who is looking to adopt a dog to Bonnie at
Thank you so much...Naya is one happy girl....Kasey (10yr old Bouvier) and I are so glad she is a part of our family.

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