Your Dog Rescue
We rescue, foster and adopt out unwanted, mistreated, neglected or abandoned dogs.

What makes us different

Your Dog Rescue relies on the kindness and philanthropy of generous donors and volunteers. We do not have a shelter where we can keep the dogs that we save from abuse, or euthanization.  We provide loving homes with volunteer foster families that welcome them into their homes and treat them as if they were their own pets. We get to know each animal and can assess their individual needs to help them back to health and find them a forever home. Since we live with the animals, we know who gets along with kids, who likes other dogs and cats and who doesn't. We have the ability to tell you if a dog has any behavior problems or issues that will need to be addressed, and provide direct input on how to overcome these individual issues.


Many organizations don't foster the dogs within family environments, but keep them in one central location, in cages or pens. While this is very convenient, the animals don't receive any training or detailed assessment. Each of our rescued dogs receive a full assessment and are not placed in a forever home until they have been nursed back to health, received all their vaccinations and have been spayed and neutered.


We are also a small group of dedicated volunteers who give our free time and financial support to helping these animals. We don't have a paid staff and our revenues are driven through donations from generous supporters like you.


We believe that the actions of a single person can make a tremendous difference in the life of a rescued animal. Whether your interestís lie in delivering educational material to children, organizing fundraising programs or events, or working directly with rescued dogs your actions will make the difference.

We are often asked why we make the application and approval process so thorough and detailed. Many organizations don't require half of the information we do and they don't insist on a pre-adoption home neither visits nor follow-up visits to ensure proper placement. Many organizations feel that if things don't work out and the dog is returned it is placed back into the shelter. It is a sad fact that millions of unwanted animals are euthanized each year. We are very careful to make good matches because if an animal is returned to us, we need to find a foster home to take the animal in. Euthanasia is never an option with us. We will keep an animal until we find the right home, even if that takes years. We are dedicated to doing what is best for each animal, which can be hard to understand.