Your Dog Rescue
We rescue, foster and adopt out unwanted, mistreated, neglected or abandoned dogs.

Our team


Dr. Melody Mason - DVM (Director)

Melody graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1978.  Upon graduation she opened an animal hospital in Bracebridge and an outpatient office in Gravenhurst.  From 1978 to 1993 Melody looked after both small and large animal patients.  In 1993 she sold her practice and started a locum (relief) service.  She provided time off for veterinarians in Ontario and Victoria. BC.  In 2004 she returned to Muskoka and joined the Centennial Animal Hospital team.  Currently Melody looks after small animal patients at the main hospital and also at Gravenhurst Veterinary Services.  In addition she is a partner in Muskoka Veterinary Imaging, which provides ultrasound diagnostic services to Centennial Animal Hospital patients and also referred patients from other animal hospitals.


Melody has two daughters, Gabrielle and Holly.  She also has two grandchildren, Andor and Finn who moved from Germany to Toronto and then to London with Gabrielle and her husband, Conrad.  Melody has a furry daughter, Georgia O’Keeffe, a Lhasa Tzu who has accompanied Melody through her workdays at many animal hospitals, “helping to save lives”.  Another more recent addition to Melody’s family is Scout, an American Quarter Horse who provides a healthy alternative to the daily stresses of work.  In any spare time that is left, Melody does black and white photography and bronze sculptures (of animals and birds, of course.)


Melody’s motivation for joining the board of Your Dog Rescue is to continue to offer assistance to animals in need.  The majority of her patients come with human guardians but there are many animals that do not have anyone to care for them.  Your Dog Rescue will help to bridge the gap between dogs that need homes and people that need a companion.

Henry Waszczuk (Director)

Sports enthusiasts across North America know Henry. He played in the CFL with the Hamilton Tigercats from 1975 to 1985 and then began an enthusiastic career in sport fishing. Henry has hosted and produced over 1200 outdoor TV programs and is the longest serving independent producer to TSN, The Sports Network (Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence). His award winning programs also air on FOX SPORTS, DISH NETWORK and WFN. From his college football days and professional career, there have been many great stories and many that relate to his fishing adventures as well. He is a much-sought-after guest speaker for various corporate and sports functions.

Henry and his wife Mary have always had a love for dogs as in their early years they bred CKC and AKC Champion Brittany Spaniels. They have owned five breeds of dogs with their latest being a golden named Kelsey living to almost 15 years of age. Henry has a passion for the vision and mandate of “Your Dog Rescue” and looks forward to helping in any way he can in promoting adoption, education and health of all dog species.

Brenda Hall (Special Events Co-ordinator)

Loving Dogs started when I was a child growing up on a farm in Oakville. When early retirement happily came around, it was decision time to do something very worthwhile.

Already having owned several rescue dogs in my past it seemed clear to me what I should do.

My love of dogs won out and I was able to put my career skills to work with the Administration end of Your Dog Rescue.

From the smallest things that need done, like walking a fostered dog, driving a newly rescued dog to the vet or just talking to people to help understand the need that is out there to help these dogs, I have a profound sense of achievement. When one of our lost, abused or neglected pets finds a Forever Loving Home there is no better feeling.
Jackie Thorn (Education)
A Bellville native, Jackie was born with a love of animals - especially dogs.  Even as a toddler she would run toward any dog that crossed her path, eager to pet, hug or play with any animal that came her way.
Her love of animals and desire to have a pet of her own was tempered as she grew older by a busy professional career in the fashion industry.  She realized that bringing a pet into her life while she juggled a busy travel and work schedule was not consistent with her belief in responsible pet ownership.
Jackie is now a doting mother to five kids, including son Michael, daughter Madison and dogs Casey, Murphy and Meda.  She is a strong supporter of rescues, shelters and local humane societies and is dedicated to educating people about responsible pet ownership and promoting animal adoption.
Jackie is hopeful that through education and advocacy we can bring an end to animal cruelty and she believs that we need to have a strong voice for those creatures that are unable to speak for themselves.