Your Dog Rescue
We rescue, foster and adopt out unwanted, mistreated, neglected or abandoned dogs.

How you can help

How can you help


The hardest work is often the most rewarding. Helping save rescued dogs is very rewarding but also very hard work. Often the help provided by volunteers makes the difference between life and death. For every dog we save and place in a forever home there are a few compassionate people who have opened their hearts and donated time, energy and money to give it a second chance at a wonderful and loving life.


Your Dog Rescue invites you to join our efforts and help with what you can:


         Opening your home by being a Foster to a rescued dog

         Walking and exercising rescued dogs

         Campaigning for donations, food and materials

         Organizing fund raising events and campaigns

         Writing articles, conducting research and newsletters


We are in need of resourceful volunteers to help with the following campaigns:

         Promoting corporate charity events to drive donations within the workplace

         Generating media interest in our work

         Engaging schools and conducting educational programs for children between the ages of 7 to 16

         Organizing a photography contest and exhibition that will create increased awareness of adopted animals and the love they bring to their adoptive families.


Without your help we cannot save these dogs. We are a Volunteer run, not for Profit organization that relies on donations. All donations received go directly to the care of our dogs. With your generosity we can continue to help these deserving dogs and let them have a second chance and find them a new loving home.
If you are interested in helping us please contact 416-801-7982 or email